Womens meet & marksmanship


Lets get together for some target practice

In response to requests from range members and Women on Target attendees, we are going to have a women focused target practice at Sage Range.  There will be several bays set aside for this event.

Next Event

Date:  December 14th

Shooting:  9:00 at Sage Range (MAP)

Cost:  Free

Focus:  Shotguns

What to Bring

You need to bring all your own equipment including firearms, ammunition, and personal protective equipment (eye protection, ear protection, hat).  Don't forget water and sunscreen as well. Sage Range will provide targets and the facility.


This is open practice, not a formal instruction event, but there will be volunteers present to coordinate things.  

Please let us know if you are Interested

Signups are not required, put it would be helpful if we had a general idea of head count.  Please let Sharon know if you are planning to attend


Sharon Wright

(760) 382-1044


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