Sage Range does not offer instruction directly.  However there are a number of instructors who use our facility.  Please see the Training page for currently scheduled classes.


Instructors are independent of the range. Courses includes pistol, rifle, shotgun, concealed carry, and adv defensive techniques. Additionally, some instructors offer non-shooting courses.   

Desert Divas Defense       (214) 403-9354         Facebook  Website

Double Tap Shooting        (818) 363-1777          Facebook  Website   

High Desert Defense        (760) 608-1413

Final Option                    (760) 608-1522         Facebook        

Bill Sumners                     (760) 371-0692

Shipley's Specialties                                        Website 

Chris & Chelsea Watson    (760) 678-9160

Sharon & Dan Wright       (760) 382-0977

To become an instructor at Sage Range

Sage Range requires that instructors have insurance that covers firearms instruction and follow our policies.  The process requires filling out a form, providing proof of insurance, and getting approval.  Documents are further down on this page.  

Visting instructor who wants to use our facility?

Have your sponsor contact the Board of Directors.  You will need to provide proof of insurance, a list of what  you need, dates etc. There will most likely be a charge for using our facility