2018-2019 Board of Directors

Name                      2018 Role                    2019 Role           2020 Role               Term Expires 

Mike Cooper             President                   President                  TBD                         2020

Bill Sumners              Vice President            Chrn of the Brd         TBD                         2020

                                                               Treasurer                   TBD                         2020

Don Finch                 Range Engineer         Range Engineer         TBD                         2020

Gabby Mertz             Range Engineer         Range Engineer         TBD                        2020

Erik Severson             Master at Arms         Master at Arms          N/A                        2019

Richard Thayer          Range Engineer         Range Engineer         TBD                        2019

Sharon Wright           Secretary                  Secretary                   N/A                        2019

Gary Tilley                N/A                          Vice President            TBD                        2020

Chelsea Watson         N/A                         Board Member            N/A                        2019

Board of Directors meetings are usually held the Wednesday after the monthly USPSA match at 6:00 PM at the Springhill Suites.  Please check the calendar to confirm 

Other Roles

Activity                     Point of Contact  

5 Stand/Trap/Skeet      Bill Sumners

Instructors                   Dan/Sharon Wright

NRL .22 Matches         Erik Severson

Range Day                  Mike Cooper

Social Media               Sam Surratt 

Steel Challenge           Chelsea Watson

USPSA                        Rob Starnes

Website                      Dan Wright

Women on Target        Chelsea Watson