Pitch In


Be a Volunteer

Sage Range is available because of the volunteers that provide their support in maintaining and managing the Range Facilities and events. The club is always looking for volunteers that are interested in supporting the ongoing operation of the range as well as support of the club leadership in determining areas for growth. In many areas, the club is one deep. Here are some of the areas you could help


We always need help before an event. Get there a little early and help set up. Also take a turn running the timers or scoring. The event directors sometimes cannot be there, so you could be a backup if one of them has a problem. Have an event you want to see but we don’t offer? Step up and be an event director. 


Done weekly. Contact Don Finch or Gabby Mertz to participate. Not hard and does not take that long.  

Electronic Media

We are one deep in terms of Web support, managing our email, and membership lists. If you can help out in that area, it would be greatly appreciated.

To continue to make Sage Range the quality place that it is, it takes volunteers. If you like what we have and do there, please consider helping out