Sage Range is on a January to December membership year.  Memberships are available online at this site or from several officers  at club meetings or events

Upcoming Events

Board of Directors Election

Election time is coming up soon.  Look for an email about nominations and voting procedures

Fall Trap and Skeet Event

A special event clay targets event is being held on Septh 29th. It features 50 Skeet targets (two rounds) and 50 Bunker Trap targets (Two Rounds). It also includes an optional Lewis Purse. Follow the link for more information

Friends of the NRA

The FNRA is a tremendous benefactor to Sage Range.  Their grants provide for range maintenance, improvements, and fund youth and women shooting activities.  Checkout what all they do for Sage Range

Women On Target

Registration for our next Women on Target seminar, scheduled for October 20th, is now open!  


Multiple instructors offer training at Sage Range.  Check out our RESOURCES page for a list.  Click here for current schedule

Facilities Update

Thanks to FNRA grants, we have several range improvements underway

Womens Meet and Marksmanship

 We just completed our first Women's Practice Event on 21 July with 7 women in attendance.  We will be holding our next one October 27th.  Click the button for more information 

Security Problems


Despite the issues that follow, the range is open and has been.  We do ask that members and guests keep their eyes open for any problems and notify us if they see any.

Gate Accident

Tuesday afternoon it appears that someone ran into the range gate while it was locked.  Repairs were completed Friday AM.  If you have any information about the incident, please contact Bill Sumners


 The range has been having problems with vandalism and trespassing.  We area asking for everyone to keep an eye out while there.  If there is a trespasser please call the Kern County Sheriff and notify Mike Cooper or Bill Sumners. 


The upper conex with FNRA Banquet supplies was broken into recently.  If you have information please contact Bill Sumners.  The locking system has been redone this should be much harder to do in the future 

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