The updated Sage Pistol Range Bylaws are now in effect.  The primary reason for the change is to bring the organization’s bylaws into compliance with California Corporations Code (CCC) for Nonprofits; this was a mandatory legal requirement.  Sage is incorporated in the State of California as a 501(c)4 Public Benefit Corporation. This also reflects the growth of the organization from is roots as just a USPSA group.

Significant changes:

  • Qualified voting members will vote for the election of Directors. In accordance with the California Corporations Code, the Directors will be then elect Officers.  This is the common practice of corporations and is also how the NRA works.
  • Term limits: A Director on the Board is limited to two consecutive two-year terms, no matter what their role, unless there are no new candidates to replace them. This is a CCC imposed limit for nonprofits.
  • Director seats will be staggered going forward. Previously, all officers seats expire and are up for vote in the same year.  This disallows for continuity of the Board and potentially leaves a new Board without a historical reference point for operations.  To fix this, the Board voted by Resolution to extend the terms of four current officer (Mike Cooper, Bill Sumners, Don Finch and Ken Mertz) until the 2018 election.  The election this fall will fill opening seats for 3 Directors. The NRA also operates on a similar process.
  • There will be an external financial review every two years (even years). This is to address any potential concerns about financial irregularities.
  • Lots of legal language to show intent to comply with the CCC. While difficult reading, this helps new Directors understand the requirements that are not usually common knowledge and helps keep the organization out of trouble.

Things that are not significantly changing:

  • Annual elections and member voting rights
  • Range operations and general club procedures

Updated Sept 2017

Sage-Final-Signed-bylaws-Aug-23-2017 (pdf)