Friends of the NRA


About Friends of the NRA

 Friends of NRA is the blockbuster fundraising program under The NRA Foundation. Since day one, it has been a 100% grassroots effort fueled by a united front to secure the Second Amendment and raise money for the shooting sports. Nothing makes a Friends of NRA event more unique than the 13,000 dedicated volunteers who work tirelessly to make these events happen and the generous attendees and donors who support their efforts. 

There is something for everyone at a Friends of NRA event. From the moment you walk in, the atmosphere is brimming with excitement. Whether you’re keeping an eye on that unique item in the silent auction, trying your luck at the game tables, or just dining on some delicious food, you’ll be sure to have a good time. It’s a family-friendly event chock-full of everything from exclusive, limited edition merchandise and firearms to knives, art, jewelry, and more. Not to mention all the great people you’ll meet in the process! 

Southern Sierra Friends of the NRA committee

The local committee is made of your friends, neighbors, and fellow shooters.  They are always looking for more volunteers to help make it a better event. They hold an annual banquet, which is your opportunity to contribute to the fundraising that supports local and national efforts.  

Friends of the NRA Local Impact


Long Term

FNRA Foundation grants have brought a tremendous amount of good things to the local area.  Grants totalling more than$640K over the last 15 years in the IWV.  It has covered range improvements and range maintenance.  Grants have also covered training for several local facilities and event participation fees and ammunition for women, youth, and scouting activities.

This year grants total $52K and are helping fund police training facilities Boy Scouts, youth participation, and Olympic clay target facilities for the Indian Wells Valley.

2018 - New Clay Targets Range

This is going to be an Olympic style Bunker Trap Range and Skeet range.  It is going to be built between Range 10 and the upper range house.  For safety reasons with the long distance range, the high and low houses will be reversed. 

2018 - Police Range

 The RIdgecrest Police Department will build a police facility at Sage Range.  It will be in the open area on the west side of the range adjacent to Range 1.  Equipment will include their own storage unit and a turning target system. 

2018 - Youth and Ladies Training

This covers the ammunition and entry costs for our events and competitions for women and junior shooters.

2018 - Road Maintenance

Always an issue for our range, we have enough money to grade the road several times during this next year.