2019 memberships/keys are now available. Easiest way to do get one/renew is online on this page.  We will use the same process of having you pick them up at Todd’s Outdoor supply in Ridgecrest or Firequick in Inyokern. They are also same day sales at Firequick Mon-Fri and some officers may have keys to sell at events.

The price is the same as last year. $60 for a family membership. Additional $10 if your spouse wants a key and voting privileges. The 2019 key will be required to access the range after December 31st.

The board has been working hard to bring to activities to the range and improve the facilities. There are activities most weekends including club events, USPSA, clay targets, womens events, and long range/precision. Check the calendar online (https://sagerange.org/calendar) and come on out.

. When you order your key/keys online, you will be asked via email where you would like to pick them up.  Choices are

  • Todd's Outdoor Supplies in Ridgecrest
  • Firequick in Inyokern

You can save a step if you specify that in your order comments

To use a credit card and not Paypal, please select Paypal once you fill in your information.  It will take you to a page where you can use a credit card directly or Paypal  

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