You Only Get One Chance: Protect Your Eyes, Ears, and Skin!

Protect Your Eyes, Ears, and Skin!

By Ron Frey

To all the folks out at Sage Shooting Range:

Protect Your Skin From the Sun

The sun can be brutal over the years! So, protect yourself from its harmful rays! Wear a long-sleeved shirt and a large hat to protect your exposed skin (ears, neck, arms, etc.).

It takes many years but it can be very harmful and deadly if you are not using skin protection against the direct sun light.

I worked 30 years in the sun, with 10+ hours days for Southern California Edison as a lineman, alongside folks like Larry Lane and other good friends. We all got skin cancer and some times pretty bad.  I was on a skin surgeon’s operating table for 2+ hours and walked away with 20+ stitches on my face as a result of the doctor removing melanoma from my face!

Just because we never thought much of ye old sun doing any harm to us, when working all those years in the sun. So, like the old saying goes: Pay me now or pay me later, and I’m still paying for it!

Also, another safety protection note:
I have noticed many people these days at the range shooting and not wearing eye protection. This is especially prevalent when they are not shooting, but standing around folks who are shooting. Think! Everybody needs to wear his or her eye protection. You only get one set of eyes so protect them at all times when entering the range. It’s mandatory to wear eye protection. If you don’t have any, we will give your family and you a set. Stop by the stop so that we can give you a pair.

Thanks for listening and have a safe, happy day at the range and Ridgecrest, a great place to live and play!


Another Take on Protection

By Benson

Top Shot Chris Cheng Sage Gun Range Family Day 2015Lead has a funny way of coming back at the shooter or just bystanders. I remember shooting a USPSA match a while back in which I shot at a steel plate with my .45 ACP at at distance of only 40 feet. The 230-grain slug came back and hit me squarely on the forearm. While I was fortunate enough to leave with just a nasty welt and no breakage in my skin, other people have not been so lucky.

I was at another range where a shooter was hit in the chest and started bleeding profusely. He was on blood thinners for a heart condition, which only exacerbated the situation. Fortunately for this person, one of our own was there and quickly administered first-aid. He quickly returned to shooting only a month later, when I related the story, not knowing I was talking to the very same person!

There has been other cases when I would check my eyewear at home to find a chip where my eye would have been. So, if it wasn’t for that piece of safety eyewear, I might not have eyes! Lead can also hit you from shooters shooting in the next bay over. I have seen lead fly a hundred yards into the parking lot as well. So, you really must protect your eyes. You only get one set and it really sucks to have to live with any sort of handicap that you could have easily prevented.

Do your own due diligence and find out what works for you. I cannot specifically recommend one piece of eyewear over another. To put things into perspective of how much eye protection is enough, even your prescription eyewear will work just fine.

Your Ears

Protect Your

The sound of muted glass breaking in the garage startles you in the middle of the night, jolting you wide awake and out of bed. You quickly reach for your firearm, knowing clearly that whoever that is is unwelcome…

Now ask yourself this question: Would you have heard the muted sound of glass breaking had you not protected your ears all those years shooting out at the range? Would you still be alive today because your sense of hearing preserved your life? You need all your senses to fight, so do want you can to protect them. There is nothing so singularly foolish as failing to protect something so precious as your senses.

Double up with ear plugs and ear muffs. This protects you from noise fatigue, something that is very common after spending even only a day out at the range with over a 1000 rounds going off (10 shooters nearby and in your USPSA squad, each firing about 150 rounds).

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