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Precision Rifle Match Results

7 Shooters came out today to have some fun in the sun, we got 8 stages in. Ron came up with 3 stages that involved standing and sitting that proved challenging. We also had 2 classes, Sporting and Open. If your rifle weighed under 10 lbs you shot Sporting, if over 10 lb you were in Open class.
There were 215 points max, here are the results with caliber used and class.

1. Erik Severson 152 .223 Sporting
2. Chuck Amento 143 .308 Open
3. Mike Cooper 126 .308 Open
4. Don Finch 120 .308 Sporting
5. John Litzinger 111 .308 Open
6. Ron Frey 104 6BR Sporting
7. Jason Knockaerdt 86 .308 Open

The highlight of the day was Don Finch going 8 for 8 the standing and prone stage at 200 yds with his open sighted M1A, the next best was 6 for 8. Thanks to Ron and everyone else for the help and of course to Katie for bringing lunch to us.

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