Major Benefactors

Sage thanks the following individuals or companies that have and continue to lend support to make Sage Shooting Facility one of the best shooting ranges in Southern California. Sage is a volunteer organization and many helpers continue to support our club by constantly providing upgrades, setting up stages for matches, cleaning up, maintaining logistics, applying to grants, and so on and so forth.

  • Friends of the NRA Grants in excess of $250,000 over the past 15+ years
  • Gary and Bets Parsons
  • FireQuick–Bill Sumners and Beth Sumners
  • US Rentals
  • Financial Manager for Sage–Jodie Burke
  • Banard Construction Montana–Jesse Durden
  • High Desert Defense–Erik Severson
  • Mike Cooper, Richard Cooper, Scott Hayman, Zack Hayman, Rogan Hayman, Wyatt Hayman, Benson, Larry Lane, Don Finch, Chelsea Coen, Chris Watson
  • And any person I may have inadvertently left out.

Thank you for your generous and selfless contributions!

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