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Become a member of Sage Shooting Facility today! You will have access to a world-class shooting range, complete with 10 pistol bays, each 50 yards deep. You will have access to a 100-yard rifle/shotgun range. You will also have readily available access to a number of reactive steel targets we set up throughout the range. We have sun shelters with benches and tables set up at most bays, with one large covered area centrally located on the range where we hold match registration and shooters’ meetings prior to a shoot or have our BBQ lunches.

To become a member Contact Mike Cooper (760)608-2345

We also have a number of shooting structures, such as a saloon, a see-through orange house, and a raised platform. These are structures from which to shoot or run scenarios. We are a very kid-friendly and family-oriented club. Just check out the pictures from our Family Day event on our Facebook page! We also frequently have young children or father-son pairs come shoot our matches.

We also have a bay that is disabilities-friendly.

But why take our word for it? Just take a look at the pictures of our excellent facilities here and decide for yourself.

This is the members' area, where shooters go for registration, lunch, shooters' meeting, and to chew the fat.
Shaded pistol bay with reactive poppers downrange. Distance is 50 yards.
This bay is disabilities-friendly, complete with a concrete ramp and numerous reactive targets.
Close-up of the reactive targets in the disabilities-friendly bay
Another shooting bay, with shaded picnic benches
The shooting props stored within this connex is limited to use during official matches
This is the largest bay, dwarfed only by the 5-Stand Shotgun and 100-Yard Rifle range
This is a safety area where you may holster up your pistol for official USPSA matches. This area allow lets you work on your firearm during those matches. Ammunition may not be handled in these areas.
We have numerous pistol bays, and this is yet another one with a depth of 50 yards
You may think you're seeing doubles but we really do have 10 pistol bays! Each bay has shade and picnic benches for you to rest your gear and your rear
We call this shoot-house the saloon.
We call this the orange shoot-house.
View of the road leading down to the 5-Stand Shotgun and 100-yard rifle range, located at the opposite end of the entrance. Note that the entire range can be closed down, allowing you to shoot as far as 800 yards. These would then become the 800-yard targets.
The brown containers hold the clay disc throwers that are used for the 5-Stand Shotgun shoots. Here you only see two, but there are two additional throwers not shown in this picture.
Firing line for the 5-Stand Shotgun and 100-yard rifle range. Note the concrete rests are for you enjoyment and use, such as when you sight in your rifles. Yes, the BBQ does see occasional use during our many matches throughout the year.
Targets as seen from the firing line for the 5-Stand Shotgun and 100-Yard Rifle Range
Shooting platform that is used in our USPSA and 3-Gun matches. The ramp is actually quite steep, at about 30-degrees.

What Is the Cost of Membership?

Club membership is only  $60  annually. $10 for one Family members .  Mike Cooper will start collecting yearly dues on April 1st, with the changing of the lock on May 15th.

To become a member Contact Mike Cooper or Come to any scheduled event at the Range


This is where you would go to sign up as well as pay your membership fees. With an individual membership you will get one key. With the family membership, you will get two keys. The key gives you almost 24/7 access to the range. Membership renewal typically occurs in May and is good for one year. Keep an eye out for the renewable period by subscribing to our newsletter or regularly checking this site. Proration only occurs six months after the annual renewal period and is at half price. So if you decide to join the club in August, you will still be paying full price. You will have to sign up in December in order to pay half price.

When we hold matches, you will have limited access to the range facilities. The best way to keep informed on when we hold our matches is to sign up for our newsletter. Even though we have a calendar on this site, the newsletter is the final word on when matches take place.

Beyond the initial club membership fee, there are no other fees to pay when you decide to make it a range day.

You will have to bring your own firearm and ammunition on site. The range does not have a walk-in store where you may loan firearms or purchase ammunition.

Please note that oftentimes a range safety officer will only be present during matches. You are advised to bring plenty of water, sun screen, food, and a first-aid kit. Please practice good gun safety, as this is the best way to avoid accidents.

We are a cold range, which means the only time you are allowed to handle your firearm is when you are in your own bay, getting ready to shoot. Transporting a loaded firearm from bay to bay is prohibited. If you must work on your firearm, we have provided safety bays that are made from railroad ties. Handling of live ammunition in these bays is prohibited. Finally, please practice good range etiquette and Leave No Trace Behind.

Directions to Sage Shooting Facility

Sage Shooting Facility, a.k.a. Sage Shooting Range, is  located about 20 minutes from Ridgecrest, California. From the northern part of Ridgecrest, head west on 178 towards the City of Inyokern. In Inyokern, turn left, or south, onto Brown Rd. Drive on Brown Rd. until you see Witnock Rd, where you will see some gun ranges on the north side of the road. Sage Shooting Range is further down the road, and I promise you, has much better facilities. Turn onto this road and drive on one mile of roughly paved and 0.75 miles of dirt. Eventually, you will see a fork in the road. Sage Shooting Facility is on the left (yes, we are visible from the road).

If you live in the southern part of Ridgecrest, head south on China Lake Blvd until you reach 395. Cross over 395 onto Brown Rd. Drive on Brown Rd. until you see Witnock Rd. The directions from this point on are the same as if you headed in from the north part of town.

Click here for directions to Sage Shooting Facility.

satellite view of Sage

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