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Sage Shooting Facility, a shooting range and gun club in Ridgecrest, CA, holds shoots quite regularly and always have a number of club guns available for your shooting enjoyment. They are always free of charge. If you would like to shoot a match but need to borrow a free loaner, please contact Mike Cooper at 760-608-2345 to make prior arrangements. NOTE: You will need your own ammo.

We have a number of club officers that regularly host a number of matches or events. Below are their POC information.

Where email addresses are listed, they have been reformatted from their normal mailto format to something less likely for bots to comb and cull email addresses. This is to prevent SPAM.

Tactical Carbine, Precision

Erik Severson


President, USPSA

Zack Hayman
(760) 835-1829


.22 Steel

Chelsea Coen and Chris Watson
(760) 678-9160


5-Stand Shotgun

Bill Sumner, (760)-371-0692,

Larry Lane (760) 371-6940

Family Day Coordinator

Mike Cooper (760)608-2345

High Desert Defense Contributing Author

Erik Severson


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