Range Cleanliness and Etiquette

Just wanted to quickly remind everyone that the cleanliness of the range depends on you, the shooter!  This is a volunteer organization, so that means the only time we have range cleanup days is when we have volunteers going out on their own dime and time to clean up.  If you shoot shotguns, please pick up the hulls.  It’s okay to leave brass behind though, as someone will always scrounge for them.

Target Types

We have plenty of steel targets in the pistol bays for your shooting enjoyment.  We do realize that from time to time people enjoy watching, say 1-liter soda pop plastic bottles blow up from being shot.  That being said, you are welcomed to bring soda cans, plastic bottles, and various other targets out to the range to shoot, as long as you clean up the area after you are done.  The only exception is glass or other frangible objects that leaves shards, as it is a hazard to shooters that may have to go prone or kneeling in a COF (course-of-fire) for a stage for a match.  Please place your trash into the burn barrels (these are the metallic 55-gallon swiss-cheesed barrels located just 30 yards from the registration/seating area in the middle of the range).  The range does not have waste management services so this really helps us to keep things clean and running smoothly.

Also, please remember that the steel targets in the upper, pistol bays are pistol targets for .22 LR or center-fire handgun cartridges, only.  Shooting them with high-powered rifle cartridges will certainly damage the steel targets.  If you must shoot high-powered rifle cartridges, please set up paper targets in these bays or use the 100-yard rifle bay.  The steel targets in this area are meant to be shot with high-powered rifles.

Please refrain from using steel-core ammunition on any of the steel targets, as damage with inevitably occur regardless of the ammunition-to-target typing.  The simplest method of telling if you have steel-core ammunition is to hold a magnet to the bullet.  If it attracts, you know you have a steel core.  Some ammunition manufacturers utilize steel cores, even though the cartridges may be marked as containing lead bullets.  The Russian-branded ammunition are notorious for doing just this.  You will only get one warning if we find you intentionally damaging steel targets with steel-core bullets or shooting high-powered rifle ammunition at targets meant for handgun cartridges.  After this, your membership will be revoked for the year.

As usual, follow the five basic firearm safety rules to ensure that you and those around you leave the range with as many holes as you had before you showed up.  When shooting, be cognizant of what’s behind the target.  After all, bullets pass through paper easily.  So, if you intend to shoot your high-powered rifle at paper in the pistol bays, please locate the target so that the bullet impacts the berm.  Also, please refrain from shooting shotgun at the backer boards in any bay, as this immolates the backer board quickly.  You may be laughing to yourself that this is basic common sense, but you’d be surprised the damages we find on a weekly basis…

Thank you and we’ll see you at our next match!

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