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Located on the outskirts of Ridgecrest, CA, off Brown road. Sage Shooting Facility is a non-profit gun club that caters to many types of competitive and recreational shooting activities.

We are located just 20 minutes west of the City of Ridgecrest in California. The range is home to over 400 members, who also use the facilities recreationally. Whether you love shooting competitively or just plinking around, there’s something for you out at Sage! We would love for you to Join Us!

Generous Facilities

The range sports numerous features:

  • Ten pistol bays, each about 50 yards deep
  • A 100-yard rifle range, used mainly for 5-Stand shotgun shoots or sighting in your rifle
  • And, if need be, a 475-yard precision rifle range, made possible by shutting down the pistol bays and 100-yard range

We have a number of reactive targets in the bays available for general use. They would include a pair of six-plate racks and other reactive steel targets in the pistol bays. We also have reactive steel targets for sighting in your rifles down at the 100-yard rifle range.

Because of the massive land-area of our range and the fact that Ridgecrest is home to a very active, enthusiastic, and passionate shooting community, the club hosts at least 4 matches every month! Located in the Mojave Desert, we have over 300 days of sunshine which makes almost every weekend perfect for shooting!

All this just for a yearly membership fee of $60, additional key is $10 for one family member. Contact Mile Cooper for details. 760-608-2345


We are a very active range. Our club is run exclusively by volunteers who love shooting. Every month the club hosts a variety of shoots:

  • 22 Steel
  • 5-Stand Shotgun
  • Tactical Carbine
  • Precision Rifle

You are invited to come out and participate in these matches. You will meet many fine and friendly individuals out at Sage. We are also very family-oriented. If you are a beginner to these matches, please let us know so that we can give you the attention you need!

That’s not all! Our range is also used for training by the local Ridgecrest Police Department and the Boy Scouts. In the past several years, we have been home to SoCal and regional competitions, such as the Silver Buckle Match and Silver Buckle Master Marksman Match.

Of course, with membership you’re welcomed to go out there on your own and plink to your heart’s content!

Giving Back to the Community

We also invite the community out every year to experience first-hand the joys of shooting at our annual Family Day event. Admission is free. Lunch and refreshments are complimentary. Both ammunition and firearms are provided to the general public, free-of-charge with a member of the BOD or an NRA instructor . The generous grants from the Friends of the National Rifle Association make all this possible.

Join Today!

We have one of the best ranges in the entire Southern California region. With all the great facilities and features Sage has to offer, you’ll find what we have to offer very hard to beat. We are second to none and proud of the range we have built! Come to any scheduled event at the range and sign up for your membership. See SHOP at the top of Home page to purchase Membership and Key.


(Last updated on June 2017.)

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